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Latinamap is a website & uMap interactive map application, based on Openstreetmap, “a map of the world, created by people like you and free to use under an open licence” to locate all European Latin music and dance festivals.
So, for fans of Latin dance and music, Latinamap allows you to :
– consult the calendar of festivals all over Europe and also in a personalised geographical area by zooming or filtering the search
– find out what’s happening with your favourite bands and festivals through photo reports

And for associations, groups and organisers of Latino events, Latinamap gives you the advantage of :
– advertise your events on a dynamic map updated every month
– raise your profile with web reports and improve your visibility on search engines
– find out about other festivals in Europe


La page "contact" du projet de carte des festivals latino
Contact Latinamap, the map of Latin music and dance festivals

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Any use or reproduction is forbidden without the agreement of the website.

This festival application lets you filter (by date or keyword) Latin music and dance events.
It also gives you access to their official programmes, concert and dance class times, ticketing, reservations and shuttle services throughout Europe.
But we are not the producers of any festival, only the promoters!
The information given in these festival programmes is therefore only indicative.
Please contact the organisers if you have any questions about a particular festival.

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Mayito Rivera & Sons of Cuba en concert à Bayamo
Mayito Rivera & Sons of Cuba in concert in Bayamo
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Latinamap to the "Kizomba classes" report
Festival Biarritz Amérique latine - Page contact Latinamap
Biarritz Latin America Festival: the benchmark festival for Latin American cinema
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